Jacqui has been my supervisor since 2010. She has been my support and mentor and has shared my journey over the past 5 years.
I first met Jacqui as my supervisor when I was only a student , however she has continued to be my supervisor for all these years only because she has been an excellent supervisor!

She has gently held me in my journey sharing her expertise and knowledge. Whether I have worked with adults or young people Jacqui has offered me invaluable support and guidance. Each supervision session with Jacqui has helped and continues to help me reflect on my practice: proving me with insight on how to improve my practice as well as to appreciate the work I am doing.

Apart from client work , during my unemployment days Jacqui has offered me practical advice: proving me with reading materials, information on courses to attend and general information on jobsites and vacancies.
Jacqui is not only an amazing supervisor but a brilliant human being : she has offered me a truly safe space to reflect on my practice and as well as a relationship of trust, respect, dependability and understanding.
Every session with Jacqui has been truly invaluable to me – Leenoor

Jacqui has been my clinical supervisor for 4 years. She is professional in her approach and I admire the way she takes her time to understand the clients and their needs.

She has a warming welcoming nature and she genuinely cares.

Having Jacqui as my supervisor has enabled me to grow more confident as a professional -Gina Eusèbe

As a (HND) Integrative Counsellor my approach is Person Centred, Reparative and CBT, working with children, adolescents and adults. Specializing in depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, relationships and bereavement. I met with Jacqui a few years ago after finding her website online and I felt an immediacy that I had not been able to find with any other supervisor.

Jacqui is welcoming and genuine sharing a sense of connectedness and giving a part of herself which allows me to grow and develop. I trust Jacqui as she provides sound professional and honest support, allowing me to continually trust myself to support the needs of clients.

I would and have recommended Jacqui to other supervisors as support like Jacqui’s is one to be shared and believe Jacqui has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

A very special person that I have the pleasure of being supervised by – Julie.

Supervision with Jacqui has been a rewarding and stimulating experience. Jacqui was encouraging and supportive and she allowed me to grow as a counsellor. She helped identify areas where I could develop my skills and was also positive and complimentary about aspects which she felt were good. I trusted Jacqui because of her knowledge and her calm yet energetic approach. I felt valued and respected as a counsellor in training and more importantly, as a human being with needs and emotions. My confidence grew greatly during my supervision with Jacqui and her kindness and trust in my ability was always present in our sessions. I remain grateful for everything I learned with Jacqui during my supervision time.

Michael O’Rourke (October 2015)


My clients range from children, teenagers, parents, counsellors in training, couples, schools, local Authorities, Refugees, Prolific Priority Offenders and Prisoners in custody.

“While working as a counsellor for an Islington Drug and Alcohol treatment agency I was lucky enough to have Jacqui as my supervisor. I found her insight and direction invaluable; encouraging when I felt stuck, reassuring when I felt I was making slow progress and reflective when I needed clarity. Her calm and measured approach, along with her professionalism made my supervision a highly valuable experience. I benefited enormously from knowing that my supervisor was there not only to offer experience and support but also challenge my thinking. ”
Peter Spanton

Dear Jacqui,

You are one in a million supervisor, you are very good at what you do. You have enhance my work both professionally and personally a lot. I have brought a lot of complicated issues to supervision and you made it look simple. I thank God for knowing a supervisor like you. Someone who is very passionate in what she does, listening attentively to client needs, you demonstrate the Person Centred core condition every time we meet, with this you nurture and water my plant. The plant that is well rooted into the ground, and feeding others.

Thank you so much.

Grace Adebayo

“I have never had counselling and wanted to understand my insecurities, seeing Jacqui Bennett once a week helps me with my relationship with other people and to feel comfortable with myself.
(AM, Mill Hill)

My Clients
Newfield Primary School (Brent)
Working using child centred therapy. Through art therapy I enabled the child to express their feelings through play. This is very effective when supporting a child through emotional and behavioural difficulties that are often displayed in the classroom and playground.

Islington Arts and Media School (Islington)IAMS-logo

Fulham Cross Secondary School (Hammersmith & Fulham)
Working with behavioural problems, truancy, peer pressure and problems at home.

Turning Point Drugs & Alcohol Centre (Battersea & Islington)http://www.turning-point.co.uk/Pages/Home.aspx
Weekly counselling for residents using the model CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Exploring with the client issues relating to drugs and alcohol misuse.

“Jacqui’s work has been invaluable to us, she is a joy to work with. She has helped many clients turn their lives around through her counselling”.
(Service Manager, Battersea branch)

I previously provided fortnightly supervision for staff members and volunteer counsellors at various branches of Turning Point.

Options 4 Change
Working with teenagers and their families, exploring issues at home and with individuals who have offended. Working closely with the police and the community. Offering support to teenagers who have being bullied and supporting the young person with the changes they wish to make and how they can build positive relationships.

“You know you are always going to get professionalism of the highest standards when working with Jacqui Bennett, she engages well with young people and supports them in making informed choices”.
(Donna Sinclair, Manager)

Social Services
Brief solution focused therapy, which is 6-12 sessions of counselling. The aim is to restore positive communication and explore any issues for the family member.

I am a student in my final year studying to qualify as an integrative humanistic counsellor and I was supervised by jacqui in my second year.
I learnt a wide range of skills and really improved my technique due to the skilled assistance of jacqui. I was guided and given the best advice which allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. This in turn gave me the confidence when seeing clients,which I lacked in the start.
Jacqui’s style is fun yet deep which to me is the perfect combination for learning and growth. I fully recommend her service to anyone getting started as a counsellor or for the more advanced wishing for quality supervision.

(Seymour Stewart)

When I began counselling with Jacqui Bennett I was not quite sure what to expect.
I have had counselling before in the past but I didn’t connect with my previous counsellors and after a couple of sessions I did not go back. I found Jacqui on the counselling directory. I was nervous because I did not know what to expect I was feeling suicidal and I knew that if I did not get help, I would have most probably not have been here 6 months later.
What I remember about Jacqui the most was her patience and her calm manner. I found her to be non-judgemental and I felt that she cared, this was not just a job to her. Jacqui took the time to work through my issues at my own pace. There was times that I did not know what to say and I was silent, but this did not phase her nor did she feel the need to talk to fill the space, she just let me talk when I was ready.
After a couple of sessions with her the cloud that had been hanging over my head began to lift and life began to have a purpose for me again. My life was literally saved when I began having counselling sessions with Jacqui and I will forever be grateful for her services. I would highly recommend her to anyone else.

I have been working with Jacqui for the past year. I did not want to talk to anyone as I had been talking to many different people in the last year- but my mum said that I needed help.

Jacqui is not like the adults that I have worked with- she made me feel safe and comfortable to talk about how I was feeling.

Jacqui is kind and understands me and has made me realised that there are some people that do care. I look forward to my sessions with Jacqui as when I am having my counselling with her I can talk about anything and I know that she will not judge me.
I still have difficult days, but since working with Jacqui I feel a lot more positive about my future.
(Danielle -Age 15)

Jacqui has been my clinical supervisor for the last three years, during which time I have found our supervision sessions invaluable. I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that I am truly honoured to have had the pleasure in receiving clinical support from her whilst completing my postgraduate training.
Jacqui is a highly professional and dedicated individual, who brings to the supervisory relation a warm and genuine approach. I welcomed her ability to be present with me on each part of my own development and professional journey, as well as demonstrating a depth of understanding on the needs of my clients. I also welcomed the way in which Jacqui’s calm mannerism made me feel valued and respected as a counsellor in training, as well as stimulating my sense and awareness of my role in the wider universe.
I thank you Jacqui for all your support and professional guidance; which has allowed me to become more reflective of my own journey , and in so doing has helped me to be more effective in my role as a practitioner. I can confidently recommend Jacqui as a supervisor to others; she is a genuine and caring individual who has made a significant impact on my own life’s journey both in the context of my personal and professional growth.
Thank you Jacqui .

Sharonn Jones