Many of life’s  demands can cause us stress, in particular financial problems, relationships and work. When we feel stressed it can be very difficult for us to function and can have an impact on everything that we do.

Stress can affect how you think, how you behave and how your body functions. Common signs of stress are sleeping problems, loss of appetite, difficulties concentrating and sweating.

Stress is not an illness in itself, however it can cause serious illness if it is not addressed. Recognising the signs and the symptoms of stress will help you to develop ways of coping.

If you are not sure what is causing your stress, why not keep a diary and make a note of  your day to day activities. For example what were you doing at the time you began to feel stressed, how you felt emotionally, what your were thinking about and how you felt physically.

There is no quick cure for stress, however making small changes could have a significant impact on your well being. For example engaging in some form of physical activity, i.e walking. This will not make the stress disappear but it might help to reduce some of the emotional feelings by clearing your thoughts and enabling you to deal with your problems more calmly.

If you have tried self help techniques  and they are not working for you,I would always recommend you speak to your GP, they may suggest other coping techniques for you to try or recommend some form of counselling, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).